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Training for distributors

Training for distributors

INOXPA hosted one of our regular distributor training courses at the head office in Banyoles on February 20-22.

Led by the company’s product managers, the training included specialists sharing their knowledge and experience with attendees on applications for products and equipment currently available on the market.

There was a theoretical and practical session each day. The theoretical part consisted in presentations of different products: valves, agitators, mixers, blenders, and pumps, as well as systems: SLES, CIP, pasteuriser, reactor, pigging system.

The practical session took place in the pilot plant, where real systems are normally tested. Attendees could closely observe a mixer whilst in operation, in this case the MCR 50 model, along with the Pigging System product recovery system. Lastly, the group visited the INOXPA facilities at the head office in Banyoles.

These sessions are a meeting point for representatives from different countries, engendering social and professional relationships, providing a good opportunity to share experiences.

These training days form part of INOXPA’s ongoing personalised customer care and assistance program, which aims to make everything as easy as possible for customers and provide comprehensive support during their projects.

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